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ザ・テーブルプロ byTCC



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ザ テーブル プロ by TCC  David Roth は、「The Table」と呼ばれる新しい天才的なバージョンを作成し、Expert Coin Magic に掲載されました。3 枚のコインが観客の目の前で小さなテーブルを貫通するのです。最後に、小さなテーブルが本物のテーブルを貫通します。  David Roth の本のオリジナル バージョンとは異なり、The Table は今日よく知られているスロット バージョンです。  スロット版の最大の特徴は、ギャフコインを必要とせず、通常のコインで演技できるため、よりシンプルでカジュアルに行うことができることです。  小さな木製テーブルを手渡して調べてもらいます。  次に、4枚のハーフダラーを1枚ずつ、テーブルが貫通することを見せます。しかも何のカバーもなく。クライマックスは、黒いシルクを小テーブルに掛け、軽く押すと本物のテーブルを貫通!又は完全に消失させてみせます。  ローズウッド材で製作。高品質。   セット内容:コインテーブル、テーブルクロス、英語解説 ※ハーフダラーは付属されておりません。 THE TABLE PRO by TCC Thanks for David Penn and Paul Longhurst from the Wizard Magic Review for featuring the Table by TCC & Airship Magic Mfg. Both David & Paul gave 89% scores, which is the highest score they can give if they don't perform it in their own shows. A big thank you to the friends involved in the review! Enjoy the trailer: The Magic from Middle Ages In the first known magic book The Discoverie of Witchcraft published in 1584, an effect was described: "To make a groat or a testor to sink through a table, and to vanish out of a handkerchief very strangely." It was the first record of the Coins Through Table plot in magic history. In the following hundreds of years, the plot has become a treasure for magicians, and countless books and videos have documented various Coins Through Table routines. It is a timeless classic in coin magic. A Legacy of David Roth David Roth created a new and genius version called "The Table", published in Expert Coin Magic. Three coins penetrate through a little dollhouse table visibly, allowing the audience to see the coins clearly penetrate the little table. In the end, as an additional spin, the little table penetrates the real table. It makes a difference to the Coins Through Table plot. The Table by TCC & Airship Magic Mfg. Authorized by Airship Magic Mfg, Developed and Produced by TCC Magic. After nearly half a year of repeated prototyping and testing, we have produced what we believe is the most delicate and practical little coin table available -- The Table. The Slot Version Different from the original version in the David Roth book, The Table is a Slot version that is better known today. The most important feature of the Slot version is that it does not require any gaff coins and can be performed with ordinary coins, making its handling more simple and more casual. It was originally designed by Mark Tillinghast, then passed on to Chazpro Magic and the well-known craftsmanship brand RNT2, and now belongs to Airship Magic Mfg. The Effect You show a small ornate wooden table that can be handed out for examination. You then introduce 4 half dollars and one by one cause the coins to visibly penetrate the table with no cover. At the end of the performance, you drape black silk over the table and with a gentle press cause the table to penetrate the working surface or vanish entirely. The Exquisite Design & Craft The shape of the small Tillinghast coin table has been carefully designed by professional furniture designers. Every detail is unique from the surface and sides to the table legs. The gimmick has been repeatedly tested to make sure the depth and height are suitable for almost all coins of 25mm ~ 30mm diameter. The whole table is made of solid African rosewood, processed with the craftsmanship and quality of high-end furniture. The tablecloth used for the end of the routine has a neat edge. Included: A beautifully crafted Tillinghast coin table Table cloth No coins included, you can use any half dollars. Features You can use half dollar or almost all coins of 25mm~30mm diameter; No special coins are needed; Online video tutorial.