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フリッパー クッキー  フリッパーコインではありません!フリッパー“クッキー”です!!  世界中で知られているOREOをモデルに製作されています。細部まで丁寧に作られています。  重ねた2個のクッキーを示します。テーブルに落とすと、ナント!1個しかありません!もう1個はどこへ!?いつの間にか演者の口に!!  様々な現象が可能!お楽しみください! セット内容:本体、ギミック予備、オンライン英語解説 ※本物のクッキーは付属しておりません。 Flipper Cookie (Gimmick and Online Instructions) Almost 70 years ago, Magicians Eddy Taytelbaum and Flip Postma came together to work on an idea which would ultimately TAKE THE WORLD OF MAGIC BY STORM - The Flipper Coin. Decades later, which countless Magicians coming up with their own version of this INCREDIBLY VERSATILE GIMMICK, we are proud to present our very own version of the Flipper Coin - Flipper Cookie! Modeled after The Best Selling Cookie in the world - OREO, Flipper Cookie is the MOST ORGANIC way to perform the coin trick. Leaving no stones unturned, Flipper Oreo was carefully crafted with EVERY DETAIL of the real cookie. If you have held/seen/used a flipper coin before, you will know how VERSATILE and USEFUL such a gimmick is! CLEANLY Vanish a cookie! Make a cookie DISAPPEAR and APPEAR SOMEWHERE ELSE! VISUALLY PENETRATE a cookie through the table! And so much more! The only limit is your imagination! Great for walk-around, Close-up, television, social media and more! Now you can take one of the best coin effects and turn it into an organic miracle!!