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マジカルフレーム  フレームを示します。中にはモノクロのマジシャンの絵が描かれた紙が入っています。  異なった色がプリントされている4枚のカードを観客に渡し、観客の好きな色のカードを示してもらいます。  フレームからマジシャンの絵を引き抜いていくと、ナント!観客の選んだ色の絵に変化して出てきます!    どの色でもOK!簡単に演じられます! セット内容:用具一式、英語解説 Magical Frame Magical frame is a new invented product that enables you to amaze and astonish your audience ; choose any color you want and change it desirably anytime and your picture will turn out to be that chosen color right away . no complicated learning process is needed ; you just need to spend 5 minutes studying this item and you will be able to perform it . the design and production of this product is done expertly that shows the item pretty costly and lux. you will be pleased to have it ! this is a close up trick ; there is nothing to hide ; do anything transparently and let your audience choose any color they want . this is a mixture of art and magic that you are going to love . suitable for all ages and can be played everywhere . comes with an online instruction link card + 4 extra colored cards