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ジョッキー チップス  赤色のポテチ缶を示します。  空であることをあらためた筒をかぶせ、おまじない・・・。筒を取り除くと、青いパッケージに変化しています!  再び筒をかぶせます。おまじないをして、筒を取り除くと、今度は黄のパッケージに変化!!  ここで観客にポテチ缶をプレゼント!ところが、観客が蓋を開けると、スプリングスネークが飛び出てきて、観客はビックリ!!  テクニック不要で簡単に演じられます! サイズ:スプリングスネーク長さ約90cm、筒の高さ約22.5cm セット内容:用具一式、解説DVD オンライン解説のセットはコチラ↓ Jockey Chips Miraculously, Pringles chips are a popular snack that people all over the world are familiar with. In this game, you will see two stunning color changes in the chips, which will magically touches the hearts of your audience. Imagine that you have a red chips that are once blue. And once it turns yellow and changes color, now give the chips to the audience and ask him to check it and even taste it. My Lord,, a snake came out of the chips!!!! This stonishing,eye opening props is worthy for street performances and even comedy and joke performances, and this item is not only a product of magic, but also a product for jokes. This item is easy to have a 360 degree angle for performance and with an easy preparation.