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DVD ゾンビボール



DVD ゾンビ ボール  数量限定で特別価格!!通常3,630円が2,200円!!  ゾンビボールの解説DVDです。  3人のレジェンドが詳しく解説。  Al Schneider は、基本的な動きと、短くてパンチの効いた手順から本格的なものまで。また、道具についていくつかヒントもくれています。  ジェフマックブライドは、用具についてはもちろん、様々なテクニックを解説。これでゾンビの手順はほとんど学べます。  トミーワンダーは、彼の革新的なギミックへのアプローチとその驚くべき効果について説明しています。   収録時間:約50分 ※英語版です。 World's Greatest Magic: Zombie Ball Imagine the best magic, the best magicians, and the best producers all in one place. Imagine no more... The Secrets of Zombie Ball Learn a classic of card magic that your audience will remember forever. If you could have one set of magic DVDs, this would be it! This benchmark collection features just about all of magic's most enduring and classic effects and routines. It's a fabulous compendium with many of the top masters in the world of magic teaching their handlings and routines for some of magic's classics. Linking rings, sponge balls, metal bending, cups and balls, thumb tips, Zombie, color-changing knives, and many, many more topics are all gathered in this one terrific DVD reference set. Each volume covers a specific subject and features new, old, and sometimes rare footage by some of the top video producers in magic. It's been said that while others saw a block of marble, Michelangelo saw the figure of David. Similarly, Joe Karson saw a vision of a floating ball in a plumbing fixture and subsequently created one of the most popular magic tricks ever. What makes Zombie such an appealing trick is that, while it looks like real magic when it's performed well, it requires no assistants, rigging or other elaborate staging that previous methods for the Floating Ball required. However, its one drawback is how easy it is to perform Zombie badly. In this volume, youll meet three masters of Zombie, each with their own interpretation of this classic of magic. Al Schneider begins your post-graduate course with a short, punchy routine that's perfect for those just learning Zombie to become acquainted with the basic moves and handling. He also provides some great tips on modifying the props for maximum deceptiveness. Jeff McBride is next with perhaps the most elaborate exposition of Zombie ever produced. Every move is demonstrated and explained in explicit detail, including ways to get into, and out of, the routine. He also teaches you ways to accomplish the illusion without the standard gimmick. Lastly, Tommy Wonder explains his revolutionary modifications to the apparatus and the astounding effects that are possible. If you've always wanted to be among the select few who perform Zombie well, you'll find no better resource than this DVD. AL SCHNEIDER Zombie Ball JEFF MCBRIDE Gimmicks and Ball Quick Start Opening Floating Technique The Cradle The Arm Balance Down the Edge Around the Arm Around the Back & Neck Double Spiral Zombie Vanish & Reproduction Beginning & Ending Your Routine Bare Handed Float Floral Finale TOMMY WONDER Zombie Ball Running Time Approximately 50 min