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ノームズハット byTCC(解説DVD付)

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ノームズ ハット by TCC  小さな革製のコーンを示します。これがノーム(小人、妖精、エルフ)の帽子であり、いくつかの魔法の性質があることを観客に伝えます。3枚のコインを示し、重ねて、その上から帽子をかぶせます。おまじないをすると、手に1枚のコインが出現。帽子を持ち上げると、2枚になっています。もう一度行うと、またも手にコインが出現し、帽子を持ち上げると1枚になっています。最後の1枚も飛行し、帽子を持ち上げると、コインは消失しています。最後は、おまじないをし、帽子を持ち上げると、可愛いノームが出現してクライマックス! セット内容:革製コーン、ノーム、英語解説DVD ※コイン(ハーフダラー)は付属しておりません。 オンライン解説のセットはコチラ↓ THE GNOME'S HAT BY TCC Before formally introducing this prop, let’s discuss an old hackneyed topic in magic. It is something that is often encountered when performing routines that use classic magic props, but it is often ignored: What in the world is this thing? We do not mean merely describing the appearance of the prop, e.g. that it is a wooden box, or a metal stick, or tube made of leather, etc. Rather, how do we explain to the audience the reason for the existence of this object? After all, no one in the world, apart from magicians, has seen something like this in their entire life. We would have to keep a straight face and justify that this is some mysterious magical object. Even if the audience does not suspect that this is just a prop or a toy, it may very well cause the audience’s reactions to be somewhat lacking. Although this concept is fairly simple, it is also a very important and basic theory in magic: We need a plot or reason to rationalize the props themselves. Several months ago, we received a routine submission, which perfectly embodies the interpretation of the above theory, and finally breathed new life to the classic prop we know as the ‘Leather Cone’. This wonderful idea comes from the Chilean magician Sebastian -- The Gnome's Hat. The basic routine is as follows: A small leather cone is displayed and you explain to the audience that this is the hat of a Gnome (Dwarf, Fairy, Elf) and it has some magical properties. Whenever you put a coin under the hat, it will teleport one by one. After all the coins have been teleported, a little gnome appears from the hat. You can also adjust the order of the patter as needed and only reveal that the leather cone is actually a gnome’s hat after the gnome appears. Sebastian has rationalized the ‘leather cone’ and applies it to coin magic very innovatively. However, unlike most coin magic that requires a lot of skillful sleight of hand, this hardly requires any difficult sleights. For the sleight lovers, one could further expand the routine and add one’s favorite moves to the routine as one sees fit. In addition to coins, the leather cone is also suitable to use in the classic ‘Mini Ball and Cone’ routine, using a small 1-inch ball and the classic methods. In terms of craftsmanship, we found a skilled craftsman to hand sew the leather cones using black vegetable-tanned leather. The little gnome is made by photocuring 3D printing, which is also one of the production methods used in model figures. The appearance structure of the gnome has been carefully designed by Sebastian, which is well incorporated with the routine, and perfectly captures the adorable features of the little gnome. Sebastian’s original routine is included online instructional video, as well as additional handlings by Jay Wang. * Eyecatching Coin routine; * No difficult sleight of hand required; * Photo-curing 3D printed gnome; * Hand-stitched vegetable-tanned leather cone; * Online instructional video with multiple routines thought. [Note: You will need to supply FOUR(4) of your own HALF-DOLLAR-sized coins. Another handling is also thought which requires a Half-Dollar Expanded Shell (Expanded Shell NOT included)]