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  • 青(オンライン解説)


  • 赤(オンライン解説)


  • 青(解説DVD付)


  • 赤(解説DVD付)


デッドリー マークド デック (バイスクル) 「DMDは素晴らしいツールであり、他の物よりもはるかに優れています。見事なデザインで、驚くほど読みやすくなっています。100%正確に読めるようになるのに、たった90秒しか要しませんでした。最後に、視力の問題のためにマークドデックを諦めたことがある方は、夢がかないましたよ!この独創的なデックが、カードマジックの新しい領域へと導きます!  ナント!目を閉じた状態や目隠しをした状態でも読み取ることができるのです!!  正しく読めます。このマークドデックは、見なくても簡単に読めるように作成されています。マーキングは非常に巧妙で、非常に読みやすいです。わずか10分以内に、このデックの基本を理解し、すぐにカードを読むことができるでしょう! ボーナス:  バージョン1.5には、Daniel Meadowsによる素晴らしいEquilibriumで使用すためのデッドリーロケイタージョーカーが付属しています。 セット内容:マークドデック、英語解説 DEADLY MARKED DECK Deadly Marked Deck 2.5 by Daniel Meadows & MagicWorld "The DMD is an incredible tool and is light-years ahead of anything similar. Thanks to the brilliant design they are surprisingly easy to read; I think it took me about 90 seconds to achieve 100% accuracy and that was learning from scratch. Finally, if you have previously avoided MDs due to eyesight problems your prayers have been answered and a whole new area of card magic is now open to you thanks to this ingenious deck. Highest recommendation." - Mark Elsdon We are EXTREMELY EXCITED to offer the first of its kind... a deck so easy to read you could do it with your EYES CLOSED or blindfolded! Deadly power at your fingertips! Yes you read correctly... This marked deck has been produced so you can easily read a Bicycle playing card without even looking at it. The markings are ever so subtle and invisible to anyone handling the genuine Bicycle cards and yet it's INCREDIBLY EASY to read. We guarantee that within just 10 minutes you will have grabbed the basics of this deck and be reading cards in no time at all. It doesn't suffer from the same issues as traditional marking systems and adds no discernible thickness to the deck and the deck can pass the dreaded 'riffle test' if inspected. Imagine how this could enhance your current routines especially when combined with a memorised stack. Each deck takes an hour to produce using a special custom process and is applied directly to Bicycle playing cards. BONUS: Version 1.5 comes with Deadly Locator Jokers - For use with Equilibrium - A wonderful effect by Daniel Meadows that is taught in detail.