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ザ・ムーン byTCC

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ザ ムーン by TCC  現実とファンタジーの境界を打ち破るのは純粋な視覚効果です。  境界があまりはっきりしていないとき、現実とファンタジーを区別できないとき。鏡の内側と外側で、それは同じ世界です。  現実はファンタジーです。ファンタジーは現実です。  ポール・ハリスとタヤリ・カゼルが1979年に発表したレクチャーノートの中には「トワイライト」と呼ばれる素晴らしいコインルーティンがありました。  トワイライトは、幻想と現実を区別する観客の能力を破壊するクローズアップの傑作です。これまでに見たり、読んだり、聞いたりしたコイン効果とは異なります。トワイライトは、これまでにないほど本物の魔法に近いのです!  専用ミラーは、エッジを仕上げて最高のフィーリングを実現しています。  ミラー用に高級感のあるソフトレザーバッグも付属。  難しいテクニックはありません。 内容:ギミックミラー、クリーニング用クロス、ソフトレザーキャリングケース、オンライン英語字幕解説 P / S:この手順にはソフトパフォーマンスサーフェスも必要です。レザークローズアップパッドがお勧めです。 https://ugmmagic.com/items/5e3b766b6c023573055e6e69 THE MOON by TCC It's pure visual effects that break the boundary between reality and fantasy. We call it 'The Moon'. When the boundary is not so clear, when you can't distinguish the reality from fantasy. Inside and outside the mirror, it's the same world. If you can't tell, does it matter? - Westworld Reality is fantasy. Fantasy is reality. The legend that is Paul Harris and Tayari Casel published a set of lecture notes in 1979, and in it was fantastic coin routine called 'Twilight'.This is the introduction: Twilight is an unparalleled close-up discovery that transports an innocent half dollar into the twilight zone of its own mirrored reflection. While in this dimension the coin is visibly condensed, dematerialized, recreated, and reproduced-building to the spectacular "Twilight" finale in which the mirror's reflected images are instantly transformed into four genuine half dollars! Twilight is a close-up masterpiece that destroys an audience's ability to distinguish between illusion and reality. It is unlike any coin effect you've ever seen, read or heard about. Twilight is as close to real magic as you'll ever get! Fewer and fewer people know of this lecture notes 40 years later. It has gradually become the treasure of a few select coin magic lovers. However, as long as you have seen it, you will surely agree with the high praise this routine has garnered. It seems to be as close to what real magic would look like. During the past 40 years, Twilight has also evolved through many versions, and just a few months ago, we were fortunate to have encountered the version that is by far the cleanest and most poetic - 'The Moon'. The Japanese underground magician, Kiyoshi Satoh is now well known amongst China's magic enthusiasts. We have just published his card magic book 'No Man Land' recently, so that our Chinese friends can appreciate the beauty of Mr. Satoh's packet tricks. 'The Moon' is a lesser-known treasured routine of Mr. Satoh. It is a new interpretation of 'Twilight'. Based on the original effect, Mr. Satoh changed the handling of the whole routine that even makes you totally unaware of the existence of any sleights, and have perfected the entire illusion.A mirror, a coin, a fantasy journey. The mirror in the routine needs careful handwork that was described in the original lecture notes. To allow everyone use it immediately, we have already made this special mirror in advance and finished the edges to achieve the best feeling. When you are performing 'The Moon', you are not only performing this effect, but also the 40-year evolution history of 'Twilight'. So, we made a high-grade soft leather bag for the mirror, which is easy to carry and adds a sense of ritual to the routine. An expanded shell and a soft performance surface will be used in the routine. Considering that most of people already have an expanded shell, we have decided NOT to include an expanded shell. You can learn this legendary effect right out of the box. No difficult sleights. Pure visual effects that break the boundary between reality and fantasy. Detailed online instruction. Each gimmick mirror is handmade and fully polished. The surrounding edges are smooth and neat, which provides protection allows for smooth sleights. Ingenious gimmick design makes your magic more fantastic. With the included soft leather case, it is easy to carry, making the routine more ritual, and can fully protect the props and extend its service life. With the microfiber mirror cloth, you can clean the mirror anytime and anywhere. Contents: A special handmade gimmick mirror + cleaning cloth + soft leather carrying case. (Expanded Shell is NOT included) P/S: You will also need a soft performance surface for this routine. We recommend the leather close-up pads by TCC Presents.