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Zフォールドワーレット byTCC



Z フォールド ワーレット  Z型ヒンバーワーレット。  ポーカーサイズのカードを丁度納めることができるパケットサイズ。  ピュアブラック。アーティフィシャルレザー製。 セット内容:本体 ※説明書は付いておりません。 ※輸入品 Z Fold Wallet by TCC Accomplish mental miracles and great magic with this prop! Accurate predictions, amazing card magic, and more can be yours by using this as a mere tool. With the right presentation, spectators may even forget you ever used it! Items placed in this wallet can be instantly switched without the spectator's knowledge. Imagine the effects you can do. Top quality. Well-thought-out device to accomplish the impossible! Top layer of cowhide production, perfect workmanship Secret but simple positive and negative mark, at a glance Minimalist design, comfortable and clean Fine classic prop, extremely durable