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コンボコインバッグ byTCC

¥5,445 税込


コンボ コイン バッグ byTCC  持ち歩くコインが増えても、これなら安心!大容量のコインバッグが誕生しました。  ブラシ染色された牛革製で、個性を際立たせています。  バッグの中には、5箇所のモルガンサイズのコインスロットと10か所ののハーフダラーサイズのコインスロットがあります。モルガンサイズのスロットにハーフダラーサイズのコインを入れることもできます。  スロットからコインが落ちる心配はありません。 セット内容:本体 ※写真中のコインは付属されておりません。 ※説明書はありません。 Combo Coin Bag by TCC Considering those coin enthusiasts will need more and more coins and coin props as they advance, a small space is no longer enough. Because of the value of these coins, they would not be able to withstand friction in a trouser pocket. Based on this, a huge capacity coin bag came into being. It's the "Professional Combo Coin Bag". The designer is Jay Wang. Made of the first layer of cowhide, plus manual brush dyeing, highlight personality. Inside the bag, there are 5 Morgan size coin slots and 10 50 cent size coin slots, and the Morgan size slot can also hold 50 cent size coin. Such slot design can make your coin props, such as sun and moon, CSB firmly stuck in the slot without detaching. 360-degree protection, you don't have to worry about coins falling out of the slot. The inner bag solves a world-class problem -- where we put the jumbo coin? Of course, considering that this is a huge capacity, if you have a lot of coins or packet tricks that aren't that expensive, you can put them in it. This is Professional Combo Coin Bag, designed to provide a perfect way to keep your props in a bag when you have too many props to stash, So you don't have to worry about bags and loose coins when you go out.