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演技動画(Youtube)はコチラ↓ https://youtu.be/XNVs9whP6pE コメディ バニシング ミルク グラス  液体入りグラスをカーテン付きのトレーの上に乗せます。あらためた筒をグラスにかぶせ、おまじない。筒を取り上げると、ナント!液体入りグラスは完全に消えているのです!ところが・・・カーテン付きのトレーを後ろ向きにすると、トレーの下にぶら下がった状態になっています。  グラスを再びトレーの上に置き、先ほどと同じように筒をかぶせます。おまじないをして、筒を持ち上げると、グラスは消失しています。筒の中もあらためて、完全に空であることを示します。グラスは・・・またトレーの下にぶら下がっている・・・?  ところが、トレーについているカーテンを取り除くと、トレーの下にグラスはありません!もちろんカーテンにも!完全に液体入りグラスは消失してしまうのです!!  筒は金属製。高品質。  難しいテクニックは不要で演じられます。 サイズ:グラス高さ約12㎝、口径約cm、筒高さ約18cm、口径約8.5cm、トレー役32.5×12cm セット内容:用具一式、日本語解説 ※液体は付属しておりません。 Just imagine: a glass of milk vanishes completely. Yes, the milk disappears and also does the glass. And - unbelievably - everything happens before the very eyes of the audience! It is a trick of the kind known as "Sucker trick": when presenting it, you may perform some comedy by pretending to explain its secret to the audience. Then, when the public thinks it knows where the glass is hidden, you perform it once again but, this time, the glass and the milk can be found nowhere: now they both have really and completely disappeared! Known as Backstage, this version of the trick improves and is superior to all known versions. Much care has been taken in its development. The milk used the effect is real, or at least looks as if it is. The glass is not a painted one but was especially developed and manufactured for the trick: when it moves, the public sees the milk in it moving in a real way. The small "stage" is made of metal. The aluminum tube is painted with fire, which ensures that both objects will have a long life. This type of construction also makes them very easy to handle. The cloth curtain adheres to the stage by means of magnet bars hidden and sewn into it (no Velcro is used). This is much more than just a simple trick: it is a valuable act of magic. Ideal for any kind of audience - adults or children. It is very easy to perform.