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 サムチップを超えたサムチップ?スイスで作られ、より本物の親指に近づきました!  ハードタイプは、その名の通りカチカチ。通常のサムチップとして使用するには非常に扱いやすいです! セット内容:本体 ※説明書はついておりません。 Hard Thumbs-up This is probably the most versatile prop in magic. Vanishing, exchanging and appearing objects are only a fraction of this gimmicks potential! Modern technology paired with Swiss precision, make this thumb tip the first realistic Thumb Tip for professional magicians! Finally, it has the look it deserves... INVISIBLE!Extremely Realistic! Natural Skin Look Hand Painted Details Durable and Reflection PVC No Seams or Edges Adjustable Size Actually Feels Like Skin Softest and Most Realistic Tip On the Market!