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演技動画(Youtube)はコチラ↓ https://youtu.be/f5Nbh85S44I  観客の腕に腕枷をはめ、ゆっくりと剣を突き刺します!剣は観客の腕を貫通!!  ゆっくりと剣を引き抜き、腕枷を外すと、観客の腕は無傷!  サロンやパーラーで気軽に演じられるお手軽イリュージョンマジック! サイズ:腕枷の長さ約18㎝、剣の長さ約48㎝(柄含む) セット内容:腕枷、剣、日本語解説DVD ※輸入品 A large metal cuff is put around a spectators arm. A silver sward, is then pushed through the cuff, and apparently right through the spectators arm! The effect is really dramatic, but naturally at the end, when the sword is taken away and the cuff opened, the spectator is completely unharmed! • The effect can be presented by the performer also on his own arm. • The sword is 47 cm long. The cuff is 19 cm long and has a diameter of 8,5 cm.