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  • ¥5,500

  • ¥5,500

 バーネット製のゾンビボール。サイズは約11.5cm。  光り輝くボールが美しいです。また、非常に軽い。  好評発売中のマルティプライングボールと同じデザインなので、四ツ玉と続けて演じても効果的! セット内容:ボール、ベース、ギミック ※布及び説明書は付いておりません ※輸入品 マルティプライングボールはコチラ↓ https://ugmmagic.com/items/5e3aa93a47fb447d60b8d651 Zombie Ball Vernet This is the famous one man floating ball, using no threads or complicated set up witheverything under the control of the magician. A ball is resting on a base. The performer covers the ball with a foulard and while he holds an end of the foulard with each hand, the ball begins to rise in a ghostly manner, first up and down, then floats over the cloth and rests on the edge of the foulard, peeks up behind the performer's shoulders, suddenly vanishes, reappear and finally back to rest on the base on the table.The Zombie Ball is made in chromium plated ABS plastic. It doesn't loose, its shine. It's super light. It's unbreakable. You receive: One 11,5 cm ball, a base, the special gimmick and instructions. No foulard included.