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アルティミット マークド デック



  • ¥5,940

  • ¥5,940

アルティミットマークドデック  このマークドデックは全てのマジシャンが夢に描いていたデックそのものなのです!USプレイング社によって製造された正真正銘のバイスクルデック!  表を見ずにどのカードかが分かり、コードやシステム等を覚える必要も全くありません。見た目は全くのノーマルデックですが、全てのカードにマーキングが施されており、様々な演技に使用することができ、応用範囲は無限大!! セット内容:マークドデック、日本語説明書 "The Ultimate Marked Deck is currently the best marked deck for magicians. It manages to be both easy to read and hard to detect." - Darwin ORTIZ "A very high-quality product and a useful marked deck..." - Roberto GIOBBI The Ultimate Marked Deck is the most deceiving, yet easy-to-read, marked deck IN THE WORLD. Each deck has been manufactured on Bicycle Rider Back Cards by the United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC). Available in both RED and BLUE! Join the list of top professional Magicians around the world who use the Ultimate Marked Deck: Chris Kenner Michael Weber Dani DaOrtiz Lennart Green Menny Lindenfeld Jean-Pierre Vallarino and many others You can use Ultimate Marked Deck right out of the box! While the marks are very easy for YOU to read, they are 100% invisible to anyone who does not know where they are. Hand out the deck without fear of detection. As noted, they are VERY EASY to read! No need to search the BACK DESIGN to identify a card! Quickly identify ANY CARD without seeing its face. No codes No symbols to interpret No marking system to learn No special glasses or contacts No marking your own cards No cheat sheets No counting or stacking What the PRO'S are saying: "The marking is diabolically camouflaged and can be read at a mere glance..." - Gaëtan BLOOM "Of all the marked decks, the Ultimate Marked Deck is the best in existence. You can read each card in an instant, and the marking system that is used is extremely ingenious. This is the absolute weapon of this genre, there is no doubt about it." - Jean-Jacques SANVERT "Tricks and gaffed deck of cards are being released every day. Some are for beginners, some are for professionals. The professional magician needs a marked deck that can be read fast and usable in every condition. The professional magician needs efficient and reliable props. From this point of view, the Ultimate Marked Deck is an ideal prop, for both close-up and stage." - Bernard BILIS "The Ultimate Marked Deck should change every magician's life. Don't buy one, buy TEN." - Chris KENNER "To me, this is the best marked deck... It is easy to read... I've adopted it!" - Juan MAYORAL "I think this is the only marked deck that is really usable..." - Piet FORTON "Well disguised but easy to see!" - Paul DANIELS "Too simple, too direct... But this is very practical. I always carry this!" - Hiro SAKAI "A great deck!" - Lennart GREEN "The Ultimate Marked Deck is one of the best I have seen!" - Bob SWADLING "I'm using it every day!" - Etienne PRADIER "Buy a couple dozen before U.S. Playing Cards comes to their senses." - Michael WEBER "The best of the best!" - Jean-Pierre VALLARINO "This is a wonderful idea." - Ton ONOSAKA "The Ultimate Marked Deck is the most invisible and manageable I have seen. It's a wonderful achievement!" - Richard BLOCH "This deck is truly a magic dream come true... I love it!" - Marc DESOUZA "They must be marks with invisible ink? But once you know the secret, the marks are very visible!" - Wayne DOBSON "This is a wonderful solution, very elegant in design and easy to read." - Michael VINCENT "Don't put this deck between everyone's hands!" - Gilbert GROSS -- First French World Champion of Poker (1988)